STRINGFLEX is a integral company that serve the sport industry of strings for bows, including recurves, compounds, traditionals and crossbows, from entry bows to Olimpic and World championship archers.
After a few years we are consolidated in the European archery industry like the number one in bowstrings, practically all mayor distributors and eurpean best retailers are our customers. Of course some of the most prestigiuos worldarchery companies distribute our bowstrings.
In our mind is more important the quality than the number of strings we manufacture. As we make bowstrings for every type of bow made in the world our company are not only a bowstrings manufacturer, is your integral supplier for ALL of your bowstrings needs.
Since 2007 we start the production of Archery accesories under the brand FLEX ARCHERY. After this short time our archery accesories are becoming very popular in all international fields, thanks at the confidence of the distributors , retailers and archers.
Thank you very much  to all.

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