Recommendations to sanitize your Flex bowstrings

We are often asked " how we can sanitize our club bowstrings?"

Well, we made a brief guide to help you to keep your bowstrings in good condition of use.

Please take care that this guide not replace any instruction that official health offices and/or goverments apply on your location.

Since the impact of Covid-19 is still being studied, specially the virus life over different surfaces, we do this guide with the information we have available and  it can change rapidly according to the scientific community progress in the knowledge of the behavior of the virus.

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  • For sanitize your personal bowstring, impregnate a piece of absorbent paper with hydroalcoholic solution (70% alcohol and 30% water solution) and gently run it through the string. Let it dry. 
  • Do not apply excess hydroalcoholic solution, that is to say that it doesn´t drip on the bowstring. Do not immerse the bowstring on hydroalcoholic solution.
  • Apply wax onto the bowstring if it has been removed in the process of applying the hydroalcohol solution. This will make a more uniform outer layer that will leave less surface exposed.
  • Use always protective gloves, mask and glasses that official health offices and/or goverments required for sanitize sport equipments.
  • For sanitization of  club/school bowstrings, we recommend make perform sanitization twice before each use, especially in the area that touches the body.
  • We not find significant decreases of string performance using this way to sanitize bowstrings.
  • Not apply heat in any form to the bowstrings. This can make it more fragile.
  • If your suspect your equipment is not safe remember, quarantining is the most effective way to sanitize.

CAUTION : Do not use ultraviolet devices to sanitize your bowstrings

Ultraviolet rays can seriously damage the integrity of synthetic fibers, significantly reducing their strength. Your bowstring can broke and cause serious personal injury to yourself or others, in addition to damage to your equipment.